Around the World in 8 ways...

So, if the grind continues for you in July, here’s how to get a taste of exotic climes right here in Stockbridge, as we go round the world in 8 ways....

  1.  Go east for a meal, with authentic sushi, sashimi and teppanaki, with Sukura Japanese restaurant
  2. In any weather you can pretend you are in different parts of the globe in the Botanics. Transport yourself to the mountainous landscapes in their new Alpine House or use the Edinburgh sea haar to imagine you are up in the Chinese mountains on their Chinese hillside, or transport yourself to the humid rainforest inside their glasshouses .

3.  Marvel again at the amazing global support and bravery of those involved in the cave rescue of the youth football team, and be pleased we don’t (officially) have monsoon rain, as you enjoy Thai Street Box, bringing the taste of this Southeast Asian country to Raeburn Place.

4.  Canadian Chris Donnelly is showing porcelain pieces inspired by Japan in Saorsa Art Gallery, see their delicate, exotic beauty. Alpha Art has a wide collection of international and domestic artist, go see the global influence on their work.


5.  Step into Unknown Italy, with their traditional and artisanal treats on offer, and maybe take it further by having a chat with Flavours, Italian Holidays, about an Italian cooking (or painting, or photography, or pilates) holiday.

6. France is still celebrating their World Cup win. Pretend you’ve just woken up in the Champs-Élysée, and pop into La Barantine for a Gallic breakfast.



7. Get some Italian style with couturier Sergio Tosoratti. After treatment by Sergio and Gaston, you can strut your stuff with the best in Milan.

8.  If you simply can’t bear the temptations on offer any more, the just step into Jimmy Martin Travel, and get booking for your own personalised foreign holiday!