Womankind Beauty Charity Crystal Ball

Stockbridge Local were honoured to work in association with Womankind Beauty in their creation of the Charity Crystal Ball, which took place at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh on 11 May. 

Womankind's owner Lauren McGinty, decided to host a ball in celebration of 15 years in business. The idea evolved to create an event to support both Maggie's and SiMBA, the cancer support network and the charity that supports those who suffer the loss of a baby, respectively, after two staff members were tragically affected. Lauren had spent five months in the set up of the ball, gathering prizes and selling tickets.

The generosity of people has been overwhelming,” she commented, “I can’t believe the number of prizes, and couldn’t have asked for any more of anybody.
— Lauren McGinty, Womankind Owner

In October 2016, Lauren's staff member Patrycja, lost her husband to cancer. On Friday, Patrycja admitted to experiencing mixed emotions, being pleased at the friends who were there to support the event, but sad that some family couldn't make it. Patrycja made a brave speech, talking about her husband and the devastation of cancer, bringing it home the wonderful work that Maggie's do to support anyone affected by the illness.

Staff of Womankind Beauty (L-R), Jenna, Monika, Angela, Lauren, Tegan, Patrycja, Roisin.

Staff of Womankind Beauty (L-R), Jenna, Monika, Angela, Lauren, Tegan, Patrycja, Roisin.

For Tegan, the Head Therapist of Womankind, it was also poignant, as it was in August 2017 she lost her daughter Lottie at 23 weeks, but on Friday Tegan reflected how special the event felt, honouring her daughter and the work of SiMBA whose work had given them valuable time in a family room at the hospital.

 Although the speeches were high with emotion, the event was full of fun. Host Big Al, who said that Maggie's was close to his heart having had his daughter's mother suffer from breast cancer, lead the proceedings, starting with awarding Alexandra Miedziak the goodies from the 'key game', after the key she bought unlocked the box with free rail tickets, a night in the Principal Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow and a bottle of champagne with accompanying flutes.

The night continued apace from there, with auctions of panto tickets, nights in the Raeburn and many other events, winning high bids.

The tables were stacked with street food- mini quiches, dim sum, pizza, chicken kebabs and lamb burgers- and the drink flowed. After the auction, it was time to hit the dance floor, with Jools Holland's Jam House resident band "The Black Beez" rocking the room.

Once it was all over, everyone exhausted, it was great news to learn that the event had raised £8,252 for the two charities.

Well done Lauren!

All pictures taken by Martin Stewart, please email if you would like to purchase any.