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'Seafood Week' 2017 - £350 worth of prizes, PLUS 20% o


Seafood Week

6 - 13 October 2017

Calling all seafood fans, be part of the nation’s biggest seafood celebration SEAFOOD WEEK 2017.

Previous partners include household names to independents across the U.K. and this year’s event is sure to be even bigger and better than ever


Thank you to everyone for entering and voting in our competition. We were overwhelmed by all your creative entries. Congratulations to all our winners:

  • Cathy McNaught (£50 Franco's voucher)
  • Julie Reilly Mackay (£50 Hectors voucher)
  • David Clark (£50 Armstrong's voucher)
  • Davy Fulton (£50 Stockbridge Restaurant voucher)
  • Jamie Miller (£50 Taisteal voucher)

To redeem, please email by midday 10 Nov.

See all entries below.

Pun Entries

  1. Waiter- How did you find your fish madam?  Me - It was hiding behind a chip! Sarah Downs
  2. I’ve been herring that Stockbridge Local is the best plaice to be! Susan Lowes
  3. This Facebook page has reeled me in!  Susan Lowes
  4.  I need more time to mullet over!!  Tiffany Ronaldson
  5.  Carp-e diem! If there's a batter, more turbot-charged, brill-iant competition just now, let minnow. For-tuna-lately, I seem to have come to the right plaice! (Okay, okay, you've probably haddock enough...)  Cathy George
  6.  Holy shrimp! This scampi happening! That wasn't too bad I thought, though I cod do better Helen Denise Lee
  7.  I'm sure salmon on here will find my fish pun very sofishticated!!  If you can think of a better one let minnow!!   Sarah Derby
  8.  I’ll be breaming ear to ear when I clam my prize from this plaice!  Kathryn MacKinnon Cook
  9. Whale whale whale... what do we have here?  Noelie Charlita
  10.  If you can think of anything better than fish let me minnow so keep clam & mullet over.  Shirley Burnett
  11.  You're Krilling me here.  Mary Marshall
  12. I could tell you about fish but I'm afraid I'll clam up. Eleanor Rennie
  13. My wife left me for a fisherman. I was gutted 'cos she was a good catch. Her name was Annette!  Davy Fulton
  14. Hope all these fishpuns dont make you pull a mussel.  Shannen Gray
  15. These fish puns are KRACKEN me up.  Cheryl Gray
  16. I would add one but don't want to start a war. I'm a pacifisht! Dario Valente
  17. Salmon bream me my fish!  Katherine Chapman
  18.  I can't think of any good fish puns, if anyone can let minnow.  Nicola Martin
  19.  It's not my plaice to say but I codn't help myself - this all seems a bit fishy.  Lynsay Hunter
  20. You need some background music....can i suggest some tunas by.... Walter Trout,Julian Bream and Charlie Musselwhite..  Mhairi Chambers
  21. These fish puns are Kraken me up. Susan Samson
  22. Oh for cods sake, not another fish pun .  Kerry Lothian
  23. Sometimes I feel as if I’m just reinventing the whale.  Kerry Lothian
  24.  Have you got a good fish pun or do you need some more time to mullet over?  Kerry Lothian
  25. reeled today, cod tomorra,  Margaret Samson
  26. A fisherman's tale is always as long as yer arm! Margaret Samsom
  27. These fish puns are kraken me up.  Lesley Carnochan
  28.  Bit of a red herring if you ask me!  Carole Mitchell Paton
  29. whale obviously this page is glubbin fintastic.  Laura Meg Miller
  30.  Let minnow when you pick a winner.  LeeAnne Gray
  31.  Eel be seeing you.  Anne Campbell
  32. Don't worry, you can always join Plenty of Fish.  Yvonne K Graham
  33. Stockbridge Local - the sole of the community. Trout of this world.  Jamie Millar
  34. I would like to submit a fish pun but salmon beat me to it!  Stuart McMillan
  35. Two parrots are sitting on a perch.  One turns to the other and asks “Can you smell fish?” David Clark
  36. Dolphinately shoald be a whale of a time with lobsta fintastic prizes! Hilary Grieve
  37. No fin is better than Stockbridge, it’s the plaice to be - come sea for yourself! Louise Killough
  38. I’m sending this just for the ‘Halibut’, but my pun skills are ‘ofFISHally’ ‘Bleak’, I may have to ‘Mullet’ over some more..  Lois Rhodes

Picture Entries

Picture Entries

  1. Prawns with Tatties & Chrorizo - Becca91128
  2. Spaghetti alle Vongole - Becca91128
  3. Curried Seabass with Lentils - Tracey Anne
  4. Shellfish - Gary
  5. Salmon - Sandra Clarke
  6. Fresh fish - Carline Maclean
  7. Hectors Calamari - Ariel Katorza
  8. Seafood at Kilted Lobster - Niall Blackie
  9. Seafood at Kilted Lobster - Andrew Ross
  10. Octupus with ginger lemongrass & soy - Colette Murphy
  11. Seafood from EGG event - Charlene Smith
  12. Lobster my fave - Cheryl Gray
  13. Scottish Mussels from Mull - Claire Marriage
  14. Fish, Chips & Beans - Donna Grieve
  15. Armstrong's Scallops - Emma B Ettison
  16. Seafood at Kilted Lobster - Arlene 'sal' Crawford
  17. Fresh Fish by Dad - Julie Reilly Mackay
  18. Fish and Chips by Findlay's chipper Fraserburgh - Sarah Downs
  19. Lunch with EGGS Ondine - Victoria Erasmus
  20. Mackerel Tartare - Ben Slater
  21. Scallops and Chorizo - Carly Thomson
  22. Seafood - Beya Thomson
  23. Seafood Tomato Passata - Tracey Bright
  24. Seafood Platter - Noelie Charlita
  25. Chippy by the Sea - Cathy McNaught
  26. Bass - Morag Houston
  27. Posh Fish and chips plus Seafood - Rebecca Huntley

Two portions a week

Due to the large numbers of essential nutrients contained in fish and shellfish, many experts recommend that we try to eat at least two portions of seafood every week.

This recommendation has been made by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), which advises the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The SACN also suggested that at least one of our weekly portions of seafood should be oil-rich, such as trout, mackerel or herring.

A Fish Dish for every day of the Week ... 

Recipe Ideas 

Click on the fish in bold for some simple mouthwatering recipes. 

  1. Thank Squid it's Friday
  2. Stop Being Shellfish it's Saturday
  3. Monk Sunday (Monkfish)
  4. Halibut it's Monday
  5. For Cod's Sake it's only Tuesday
  6. Happy Haddock Hump-day
  7. Thursday Thirsty or Hungry Hake Day
  8. Holy (Mackerel) it's Friday

 20% off Seafood

    Get a fantastic 20% off Seafood dishes during Seafood Week at: 

    Click here to receive code to obtain your 20% off & see T&C's. 

    Golden Wonder.png

    Fish & Chippies ... 

    What better to go with fish than Golden Wonder's newly launched Chippies crisps.

    GOLDEN WONDER recently celebrated its 70th anniversary by introducing its new 'Chippie' range in Stockbridge where the brand launched 70 years ago.

    Click here to see full story. 

    Competition Time - £350 worth of prizes

    We have the following to WIN:

    • Armstrong's - £50 Voucher 
    • Franco's - £50 worth of Vouchers
    • Hectors - £50 Voucher 
    • Golden Wonder - £100 worth of Chippie flavour crisps (Curry, Ready Salted & Salt & Vinegar)
    • Stockbridge Restaurant - £50 Voucher 
    • Taisteal - £50 Voucher (to be used at lunch-time only)