There are a number of different services at your fingertips in Stockbridge, whether you are needing a suit dry cleaned, looking to let or buy a property,  have a dress made or altered; you won't be short of quality service. 

See full range of the Services in Stockbridge below, including: 

  • Architects & Interior Designers
  • ATM's, Banks & Post Office
  • Botanics
  • Business Services 
  • Churches & Venues
  • Clothes Alterations & Computer Repairs
  • Dentist, Doctor & Vet
  • Dry Cleaners / Laundrettes
  • Holidays
  • Languages, Library, Nurseries & Schools
  • Legal & Financial Advice
  • Property Lettings & Sales
  • Sports Fitting 


Consultation is key to meeting customer needs whether it is for domestic or commercial products.

ATM's, Banks & Post Office

Cash machines, banking and post office counter services including currency exchange.

Business Services

Tools for small businesses.  Customer Wifi access.  Point of sale application and card reader provides new payment method using Bluetooth.

Churches & Venues

Not only places of worship but also venues for community-building activities including concerts, musical productions, classes and Edinburgh Fringe events.

Clothes Alterations & Computer Repairs

Garment alterations and re-styling.  Tailor, couture design and seamstress services.  Repairs to computers, laptops, apple products and mobile phones.

Dentist, Doctor & Vet

Dry Cleaners / Laundrettes

Dry-cleaning and laundry services including DIY option for personal or commercial customers.


Netherton Framing


Legal & Financial Advice

Employment law and independent financial advice.


Independent travel agencies, including specialist holidays. 

Languages, Library, Nurseries & Schools

French, German, Spanish and Italian language courses.  Public library.  Children's nurseries.  Primary & Secondary schools. 

Property Lettings & Sales

Independent real estate consultancy and solicitors.  Property sales, lettings and legal work.  Property management services.

Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh



Sports Fitting

Hi-tech professional bike fitting service in Stockbridge or mobile fitting in Scotland. 

Sports Fitting 

Sports Fitting