6:00pm 6:00pm

Taisteal & Daffy's Gin Global Cuisine Evening

Welcome Drink 

D&T (Daffy's Gin, Fever Tree Tonic served with Fresh Lime & a Sprig of Mint) 

Preview of Exclusive Collection of Scottish Prints / Gin Tasting


Gin Cured Salmon, Octopus, Avocado, Feta and Compressed Watermelon

Main with Paired Daffy's Cocktail

Venison, Parisan Gnocchi, Wild Mushroom, Pumpkin 

'Crimson Spritz' (Daffy’s Gin, Creme de Cassis, Red Wine Reduction, Lemon Juice and topped with Soda, finished with a crack of pepper)

Dessert with Paired Daffy's Cocktail

Fennel Shortbread, Clove & White Chocolate Crumb, Cinnamon Honeycomb, Szechwan Meringue and Star anise Ice Cream 

'Mint Highball' (Daffy’s Gin, Apple Juice, Lime Juice, Chamomile Tea or Earl Grey Tea Syrup, topped with tonic water and finished with clapped mint) 


See bottom for how to make the above Daffy's Cocktails! 

Pictures from the night

LIMITED NUMBERS, For tickets click here

Preview of Exclusive Collection of Scottish Prints

Click here to see full collection for sale. 


MINT HIGHBALL (Wonderful palate refresher, goes especially well with vanilla ice-cream!)

  • 37.5ml Daffy’s Gin
  • 12.5ml St Germain Elderflower liqueur 
  • 25ml Lemon or Lime Juice
  • 50ml Clear Apple Juice
  • Handful fresh mint
  • 12.5ml Chamomile Tea Syrup (same rule as the sugar syrup, but before you mix, steep a few teabags in the boiling water.  Remove and strain teabags, add the sugar {2:1} and stir until dissolved /.. this method can work with any flavour tea!)
  • Tonic Water

Put all ingredients into a highball glass, save the tonic.  Make sure the mint is clapped before going in the drink.  Add ice and stir for approx 30 seconds.  Top with tonic water (Fever Tree Elderflower or Mediterranean Tonic for an extra zing!)

CRIMSON SPRITZ(Pairs great with a red meat dish)

  • 37.5ml Daffy’s Gin
  • 25ml Red Wine (Cab Sauv or Merlot preferable)
  • 12.5ml Chambord/Creme de Cassis (available from most wine stores/off licenses)
  • 12.5ml Sugar Syrup (2 measures sugar – 1 measure boiling water, stir until dissolved: lasts forever!)
  • 12.5ml Lemon Juice (available from Sainsbury’s)
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Soda

Throw all ingredients into a large wine glass except the soda.  Add ice, and stir around the glass for app. 30 seconds.  Top with soda, garnish with some halved black grapes and an orange wedge.

If you are having trouble finding where to pick up some Daffy’s, the gin goddess, it's stocked at Vino Stockbridge

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to Oct 13

'Seafood Week' 2017 - £350 worth of prizes, PLUS 20% off


Seafood Week

6 - 13 October 2017

Calling all seafood fans, be part of the nation’s biggest seafood celebration SEAFOOD WEEK 2017.

Previous partners include household names to independents across the U.K. and this year’s event is sure to be even bigger and better than ever

Two portions a week

Due to the large numbers of essential nutrients contained in fish and shellfish, many experts recommend that we try to eat at least two portions of seafood every week.

This recommendation has been made by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), which advises the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The SACN also suggested that at least one of our weekly portions of seafood should be oil-rich, such as trout, mackerel or herring.

A Fish Dish for every day of the Week ... 

Recipe Ideas 

Click on the fish in bold for some simple mouthwatering recipes. 

  1. Thank Squid it's Friday
  2. Stop Being Shellfish it's Saturday
  3. Monk Sunday (Monkfish)
  4. Halibut it's Monday
  5. For Cod's Sake it's only Tuesday
  6. Happy Haddock Hump-day
  7. Thursday Thirsty or Hungry Hake Day
  8. Holy (Mackerel) it's Friday

 20% off Seafood

    Get a fantastic 20% off Seafood dishes during Seafood Week at: 

    Click here to receive code to obtain your 20% off & see T&C's. 

    Golden Wonder.png

    Fish & Chippies ... 

    What better to go with fish than Golden Wonder's newly launched Chippies crisps.

    GOLDEN WONDER recently celebrated its 70th anniversary by introducing its new 'Chippie' range in Stockbridge where the brand launched 70 years ago.

    Click here to see full story. 

    Competition Time - £350 worth of prizes

    We have the following to WIN:

    • Armstrong's - £50 Voucher 
    • Franco's - £50 worth of Vouchers
    • Hectors - £50 Voucher 
    • Golden Wonder - £100 worth of Chippie flavour crisps (Curry, Ready Salted & Salt & Vinegar)
    • Stockbridge Restaurant - £50 Voucher 
    • Taisteal - £50 Voucher (to be used at lunch-time only)

    Pun Entries

    1. Waiter- How did you find your fish madam?  Me - It was hiding behind a chip! Sarah Downs
    2. I’ve been herring that Stockbridge Local is the best plaice to be! Susan Lowes
    3. This Facebook page has reeled me in!  Susan Lowes
    4.  I need more time to mullet over!!  Tiffany Ronaldson
    5.  Carp-e diem! If there's a batter, more turbot-charged, brill-iant competition just now, let minnow. For-tuna-lately, I seem to have come to the right plaice! (Okay, okay, you've probably haddock enough...)  Cathy George
    6.  Holy shrimp! This scampi happening! That wasn't too bad I thought, though I cod do better Helen Denise Lee
    7.  I'm sure salmon on here will find my fish pun very sofishticated!!  If you can think of a better one let minnow!!   Sarah Derby
    8.  I’ll be breaming ear to ear when I clam my prize from this plaice!  Kathryn MacKinnon Cook
    9. Whale whale whale... what do we have here?  Noelie Charlita
    10.  If you can think of anything better than fish let me minnow so keep clam & mullet over.  Shirley Burnett
    11.  You're Krilling me here.  Mary Marshall
    12. I could tell you about fish but I'm afraid I'll clam up. Eleanor Rennie
    13. My wife left me for a fisherman. I was gutted 'cos she was a good catch. Her name was Annette!  Davy Fulton
    14. Hope all these fishpuns dont make you pull a mussel.  Shannen Gray
    15. These fish puns are KRACKEN me up.  Cheryl Gray
    16. I would add one but don't want to start a war. I'm a pacifisht! Dario Valente
    17. Salmon bream me my fish!  Katherine Chapman
    18.  I can't think of any good fish puns, if anyone can let minnow.  Nicola Martin
    19.  It's not my plaice to say but I codn't help myself - this all seems a bit fishy.  Lynsay Hunter
    20. You need some background music....can i suggest some tunas by.... Walter Trout,Julian Bream and Charlie Musselwhite..  Mhairi Chambers
    21. These fish puns are Kraken me up. Susan Samson
    22. Oh for cods sake, not another fish pun .  Kerry Lothian
    23. Sometimes I feel as if I’m just reinventing the whale.  Kerry Lothian
    24.  Have you got a good fish pun or do you need some more time to mullet over?  Kerry Lothian
    25. reeled today, cod tomorra,  Margaret Samson
    26. A fisherman's tale is always as long as yer arm! Margaret Samsom
    27. These fish puns are kraken me up.  Lesley Carnochan
    28.  Bit of a red herring if you ask me!  Carole Mitchell Paton
    29. whale obviously this page is glubbin fintastic.  Laura Meg Miller
    30.  Let minnow when you pick a winner.  LeeAnne Gray
    31.  Eel be seeing you.  Anne Campbell
    32. Don't worry, you can always join Plenty of Fish.  Yvonne K Graham
    33. Stockbridge Local - the sole of the community. Trout of this world.  Jamie Millar
    34. I would like to submit a fish pun but salmon beat me to it!  Stuart McMillan
    35. Two parrots are sitting on a perch.  One turns to the other and asks “Can you smell fish?” David Clark
    36. Dolphinately shoald be a whale of a time with lobsta fintastic prizes! Hilary Grieve
    37. No fin is better than Stockbridge, it’s the plaice to be - come sea for yourself! Louise Killough
    38. I’m sending this just for the ‘Halibut’, but my pun skills are ‘ofFISHally’ ‘Bleak’, I may have to ‘Mullet’ over some more..  Lois Rhodes

    Picture Entries

    Picture Entries

    1. Prawns with Tatties & Chrorizo - Becca91128
    2. Spaghetti alle Vongole - Becca91128
    3. Curried Seabass with Lentils - Tracey Anne
    4. Shellfish - Gary
    5. Salmon - Sandra Clarke
    6. Freshh fish - Carline Maclean
    7. Hectors Calamari - Ariel Katorza
    8. Seafood at Kilted Lobster - Niall Blackie
    9. Seafood at Kilted Lobster - Andrew Ross
    10. Octupus with ginger lemongrass & soy - Colette Murphy
    11. Seafood from EGG event - Charlene Smith
    12. Lobster my fave - Cheryl Gray
    13. Scottish Mussels from Mull - Claire Marriage
    14. Fish, Chips & Beans - Donna Grieve
    15. Armstrong's Scallops - Emma B Ettison
    16. Seafood at Kilted Lobster - Arlene 'sal' Crawford
    17. Fresh Fish by Ddd - Julie Reilly Mackay
    18. Fish and Chips by Findlay's chipper Fraserburgh - Sarah Downs
    19. Lunch with EGGS Ondine - Victoria Erasmus
    20. Mackerel Tartare - Ben Slater
    21. Scallops and Chorizo - Carly Thomson
    22. Seafood - Beya Thomson
    23. Seafood Tomato Passata - Tracey Bright
    24. Seafood Platter - Noelie Charlita
    25. Chippy by the Sea - Cathy McNaught
    26. Bass - Morag Houston
    27. Posh Fish and chips plus Seafood - Rebecca Huntley

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    Stockbridge Church - Doors Open Day (23 Sep)


    Stockbridge Church is participating in the Doors Open Day

    Doors Open Day is your chance to explore some of Edinburgh’s architecturally and culturally significant buildings - all for FREE. From heritage landmarks to the city’s newest architecture, Doors Open Day offers free access to properties that are either not usually open to the public or would normally charge an entry fee. The event also offers the public an opportunity to find out more about the capital's public buildings.

    • Activities | Information | Music 
    • 10am - 5pm, 23 Sep
    • 7b Saxe Coburg St, Edinburgh EH3 5BN  
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    6:00pm 6:00pm

    Stockbridge Traders' Association Social Evening

    Stockbridge Traders Asscocation .jpg

    If you are a trader in Stockbridge, you are warmly invited to attend a Social Evening hosted by Stockbridge Traders' Association (STA) on 14 September, at Cullerton’s, 74 St Stephen Street, from 6pm – 8pm.

    The evening has been organised to welcome new traders to Stockbridge and for new and old to get to know each other and chat in an informal setting.

    There is no charge for attending. Please come along and enjoy some wine, nibbles and music.

    Please respond to staedinburgh@gmail.com by 8 September, to indicate your intention to attend.

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    7:00pm 7:00pm

    LIFECARE - Fundraising Ceilidh

    LifeCare Ceilidh

    LifeCare is holding a ceilidh to celebrate the refurbishment of their hall. It is a big thank you to everyone who voted for them last year in the Aviva Community Fund which made it possible to qualify for the £25,000.  As well as having a new sprung floor to dance on there will also be a new roof, ceiling  and lighting to add to the ambience

    • Science Ceilidh band will be playing
    • Interval act The Kitschenettes
    • Local, organic bar with hot food and snacks
    • Raffle with fabulous prizes
    • Fun games

    Tickets from £7

    Available here

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    to Sep 24

    Saorsa Art - Tommy Fitchet's '365' Exhibition - raising for Cancer Research & CHAS (7-24 Sep)

    An exhibition of Tommy’s paintings of beautiful landscapes and seascapes of Scotland.  His '100/100' exhibition raised over £5,500 for Cancer Research in Sep 2016 and he is keen to raise more for the fight towards cancer. He gave himself the challenge to paint 365 small landscape/seascape paintings, one for each day of the year.  He will be donating £25 per painting sold to each of the charities.  The gallery will exhibit the full 365 small paintings and as before, they will each be priced at £100 and £50 will go to the charities from each sale (£25 to each). He is very pleased to promote his work for these charities and to announce that CHAS, the Children's Hopsices Across Scotland will be part of this exhibition too.  CHAS is the only charity in Scotland that provides vital hospice services for children and young people with life-shortening conditions. chas.org.uk Visit Saorsa Art for more info.  Thu - Sun 12-5pm  

    An exhibition of Tommy’s paintings of beautiful landscapes and seascapes of Scotland.  His '100/100' exhibition raised over £5,500 for Cancer Research in Sep 2016 and he is keen to raise more for the fight towards cancer.

    He gave himself the challenge to paint 365 small landscape/seascape paintings, one for each day of the year.  He will be donating £25 per painting sold to each of the charities.  The gallery will exhibit the full 365 small paintings and as before, they will each be priced at £100 and £50 will go to the charities from each sale (£25 to each).

    He is very pleased to promote his work for these charities and to announce that CHAS, the Children's Hopsices Across Scotland will be part of this exhibition too.  CHAS is the only charity in Scotland that provides vital hospice services for children and young people with life-shortening conditions. chas.org.uk

    Visit Saorsa Art for more info. 

    Thu - Sun 12-5pm


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    to Aug 22

    SOUNDING - Modern Studies & Lomond Campbell with Pumkinseeds Chamber Orchestra (20-22 Aug)

    Modern Studies and Lomond Campbell with the Pumpkinseeds Chamber Orchestra

    Two of the most progressive and highly regarded new Scottish acts will present their unique brand of lyrical landscape pop at SOUNDING at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Sets by Modern Studies and Lomond Campbell will be accompanied by intricate arrangements played by renowned string section The Pumpkinseeds, with additional brass and voices, in what promises to be a spectacle of contemporary indie talent.

    After the success of debut album Swell to Great (★★★★ MOJO (#19 best LP of 2016), ★★★★ Scotsman, ★★★★ List), Modern Studies will present – for the first time – material from their ambitious follow-up LP (to be released early 2018 on Fire Records).

    Lomond Campbell’s string-laden album Black River Promise (★★★★ 'sumptuous, romantic strings' Scotsman, ★★★★ ‘the arrangements are superlative’ Record Collector, ★★★★ List) will be presented in its entirety (to be re-released later this year by Heavenly Recordings)

    There will be a bar run by the Glad Cafe, and to mark the occasion Triassic Tusk is releasing a limited edition, double A side, 7” vinyl single of the two acts covering each other’s music:


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    to Aug 16

    THERE WAS A SOLDIER - Stockbridge Church (Fringe Venue 317) - 2for1 Tickets

    There was a soldier

    Another chance to see the 2016 acclaimed show "There was a Soldier...". This is the story of the young men who enlisted with great enthusiasm to defend their country in WW1, told through music, song, poetry and humour. Hear about their experiences, about McCrae's Battalion (Hearts FC), and The Scottish War Hospitals at home and abroad.

    • 3pm, 7pm 15 Aug 
    • 3pm, 7pm, 16 Aug 
    • £12 Adult 
    • £10 Concession 
    • Stockbridge Church (Venue 317)

    2for1 tickets

    Click for 2for1 tickets at 3pm, 7pm 15 Aug 

    WIN a pair of tickets, click here to enter. 

    Powerful and poignant.

    The cast drew you in. You could feel the emotion of the times.

    Excellent, well constructed.
    — Fiona Hyslop Minister of Culture, Rev. John Cowie, Ali Gibson BFBS
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    to Aug 12


    As Bessy, the young Scottish double bass, sets of on her travels, YOU are invited to share in her adventures and meet her friends who are appearing LIVE with her!  Experience a wide variety of musical instruments up close and join in with them as we tell you Bessy’s story!”



    • Suitable for all children up to age 12
    • 11-12 Aug @11am
    • Fringe Venue 317, Stockbridge Church 

    Tickets are available from the Fringe Box Office

    • Adult £10
    • Conc £8
    • Family £7.50
    • Under 2s FREE 

    WIN a pair of tickets, click here

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    to Aug 17

    GEORGE MEWES - Tastings with cheese expert guest, Phoebe Weller, 16-17 Aug, BYOB

    Get Inspired ...

    Join George Mewes at one of their  cheese tasting events during August, with cheese expert guest, as featured in The Scotsman, Phoebe Weller from The Roving Fromagiere.

    9, 10, 16 & 17 Aug, starting at 6.30pm


    • BYOB
    • £15 
    • Limited Number of Tickets - email name & date of event interested to reserve your place
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    7:00pm 7:00pm

    JOHN MONTGOMERY STRING BAND - Stockbridge Church (Fringe Venue 317) - 2for1 Tickets

    Stockbridge Church - Adult - £6 instead of £12 - Concession - £3.50 instead of £7 - Family - £15 instead of £30 (2 adults & 2 U18's)

    Stockbridge Church

    - Adult - £6 instead of £12

    - Concession - £3.50 instead of £7

    - Family - £15 instead of £30

    (2 adults & 2 U18's)

    The band feature multi-stringed instrumentalists playing original music and songs in the folk/country rock genre. Fresh from their Scottish concerts and featuring two inspiring albums – Walking Home (shortlisted at Scottish Music Awards) and newly released Falkland Hill. Singer-songwriter John Montgomery on piano and guitar, very ably accompanied by the talented May Halyburton on double bass, Max Baillie on guitars/banjo/mandolin, Joanna Stark on fiddle and cello, Duncan Smith on percussion and Graeme Watt (sound engineer and additional keyboards). An evening of compelling songs and local stories featuring this coastline and the lives that touch it.

    Click here for 2for1 Tickets. 

    • Bar open from 7pm
    • Show starts at 8pm

    WIN a pair of tickets, click here to enter. 

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    1:00pm 1:00pm

    MUSIC DIASPORA - Stockbridge Church (Fringe Venue 317) - 2for1 tickets

    Music Diaspora

    Internationally acclaimed British/Syrian musicians Waseem Kotoub (piano) and Ayman Jarjour (guitar) in concert, accompanied by a visual display of Syria before and after the war. Programme includes themes of immigration, acquired cultures and music around the world. Both musicians studied and lived in numerous countries. Waseem graduated from the Royal Academy of Music (London), performed in prestigious venues and festivals including Duke's Hall (London) and Tako Salon (Japan) and is juror at Osaka International Music Competition. Ayman studied at Juilliard and Madrid Conservatory. He has performed worldwide, both solo and with an orchestra, including at Carnegie Hall.

    WIN a pair of tickets, click here to enter. 

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    to Aug 27

    ALPHA ART - Ron Lawson Exhibition

    Ron Lawson Exhibition at Alpha Art

    Alpha Art Gallery is delighted to present a collection of the latest original paintings and prints by Ron Lawson, an artist widely regarded as Scotland’s most distinctive contemporary painter. His unique and remarkable representation of the remote and majestic Scottish scenery has gained him an extraordinary reputation in the UK and abroad. Born in 1960, Lawson spent his early years on a farm in Midlothian, before moving to the art studio of publishers in Dundee, where he developed his exceptionally individual style. His work is now highly sought after, with a large waiting list for his original pieces.

    Preview, 4 Aug, 5.30-8pm, exhibition until 27 Aug

    Met Ron Lawson over a glass of vino while admiring his beautiful pieces

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    to Aug 25

    ORIGINS - Fringe Show by Animikii Theatre @Zoo

    Origins is the untold story of the world’s first murderer.

    After murdering his brother, in cold blood, we meet Cain living out his life exiled from his homeland.  Afflicted by his memories and haunted by figures from the past, Cain must now retrace his steps back to Eden in pursuit of answers.  ORIGINS is a psychological thriller that plunges into the heart of darkness where movement, sound and rhythm fuse to create a physically pulsating stage adventure.  Journey into the landscapes of both dream and reality and confront life’s primeval questions of faith, death and immortality.

    Preview 4 & 5 Aug

    Performances on 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 and 25 Aug

    Venue - Zoo (Venue 124)

    • Adults £10
    • Concessions £8
    • Preview £6

    Tickets or Tel: 0131 662 6892

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    to Aug 6

    FOODIES FESTIVAL Edinburgh - Over £500 worth of tickets to WIN, PLUS 30% off tickets (4-6 Aug)

    The Uk's biggest food festival returns to Edinburgh's Inverleith Park 4, 5 and 6 August


    1. MasterChef Winner 2016 Jane Devonshire
    2. Great British Bake Off Judge Prue Leith
    3. Great British Menu Scotland Representative Michael Bremner 
    4. Michelin starred chefs Brian Grigor and Marcello Tully 
    5. Acclaimed local culinary talents like Mark Greenaway 
    6. Neil Forbes & Fraser Allen as they cook their signature recipes 


    • Feasting in the Street Food Avenue
    • Learning to bake in the Cake and Bake Theatre
    • Yoga with Lululemon
    • Afternoon tea in the Vintage Tea Tent
    • Wine, champagne and craft beer in the Drinks Theatre
    • Buying from local producers in the Artisan Market
    • Children's Cookery Theatre;
    • Live music
    • Entering the Chilli Eating Competition;
    • Refreshing cocktails from the Bar Bus and Pimms Teapot
    • Fun day out in the VIP area styled by Anthropologie

    Click here to win tickets and click here for 30% off tickets. 

    £500 worth of tickets to win, including VIPs, Inverleith Park (4-6 Aug)

    £500 worth of tickets to win, including VIPs, Inverleith Park (4-6 Aug)

    PLUS, Over £2,000 worth of Foodie / Wellbeing prizes to WIN. 

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    to Aug 28

    LENNON ART GALLERY 7+ Art Exhibition (7 artists) - The Contemporary Figure

    7 specially selected artists share their unique vision and passion for the contemporary figure in Stockbridge Festival Exhibition, including: 

    • Ingrid Nilsson
    • Mel Roy
    • Mary Trodden
    • Shelagh Atkinson
    • Joyce Gunn-Cairns
    • Caroline Campbell
    • VALTD
    • +Alan Lennon

    Mon-Sat 11-6pm

    Sun 1-4pm

    83 Henderson Row, Edinburgh EH3 5BE

    About Lennon-Art



    Lennon Art Gallery
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    YOGA'S GOT HOT - 4th Birthday Bake Off / Workshop Extravaganga - OVER 15% OFF TICKETS, Plus WIN 5 CLASSES

    Yoga’s Got Hot is turning four! Four awesome years with so much growth and changes along the way.  The have organised a very special day at the studio to celebrate and hope you can join them.  The are offering four contrasting, 90min workshops, to offer something unique for everyone. 

    Alongside yoga, they are inviting you to take part in our bake off. Please bake a small cake/cupcake for your chance to win a 5 Class card, valued at £50.  Your cake must be themed and include at least two of the following:

    1. Red
    2. Heart
    3. Four
    4. Vegan based

    Team YGH will select a winner at the event. May the best yoga baker win. The birthday celebration day is themed on Love, happiness and joy.  After each workshop, you are invited to enjoy cake. 

    Four themes: 

    1. Breath
    2. Asanas (postures)
    3. Bandas (body locks)
    4. Meditation

    Whether you are completely new to yoga or want to strengthen the foundations, this workshop will take you back to the start.   This workshop incorporates four flows, (for each element), mainly concentrating on bringing fire into each sequence throughout, making this workshop powerful and re-energising, leaving you feeling perfectly balanced and sweaty.

    Yoga’s Got Hot practices forms of Yoga in a heated environment and temperatures vary from 26°C-40C.

    £15 or 2 for £25, instead of £30. Click here to book. 

    • Beginners 9-10.30am
    • Fire 11-1230pm (Advanced)
    • Yin Yang 1-2.30pm (Open to all)
    • Nedra & reiki 3-4.30pm (Open to all) 

    4-8 Learmonth Avenue, Comely Bank, Edinburgh EH4 1DF

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    GILLIAN DALGLIESH's Weight Loss Workshop with Hypnotherapy

    This 5 Star One Day Workshop at the Village Hotel, Crewe Toll Road powerfully shifts outdated and negative beliefs about yourself and relationship with food.

    I just weighed myself today and I have lost half a stone in the 3 weeks since I attended Gillian’s workshop. I am no longer attracted to the vending machines at work and I eat far healthily” Joy Fraser, Edinburgh.
    — Joy Fraser, Edinburgh


    Includes full use of hotel's leisure facilities:

    • Pool
    • Jacuzzi
    • Sauna
    • Steam Room
    • Gym

    Places limited to 8, so don't delay. 

    Email to book your place. 

    Gillian Dalgleish Weight Loss Workshpa

    Gillian Dalgleish Weight Loss Workshpa


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    to Jul 7

    Summer holiday singing groups for primary school children at Lifecare

    With a team of fully-qualified music teachers, Hanah Mack Music Tuition presents Summer Singers 2017. The summer holiday pop choir will be filled with games and musical warm ups and we will be singing along to all the best chart hits and your movie favourites. The team will be rehearsing all week, working towards a Friday afternoon showcase for family and friends.

    • P1 - P3  930am - 11am
    • P4 - P7  1130am - 1pm 

    At - Lifecare

    • LIMITED spaces available in both groups
    • NO singing experience is necessary

    Get your friends together and come along for a fun-filled week of music.

    ONLY £5/day!

    Please visit here or facebook for more information and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

    Summer Singers 2017


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    to Jun 11

    Lemond Gallery - New Edinburgh Show

    • 20 Murrayfield Dive, Edinburgh EH12 6EB UK (map)
    • Google Calendar ICS

    The well established Lemond Gallery, based in Glasgow, are bringing their 'Summer Show' to Murrayfield, Edinburgh. Lemond have grown to represent 120 of the very best Contemporary Scottish Artists across all of the art genres.

    View the fantastic artwork that will be featured here

    9-11 June, 11am-5pm
    20 Murrayfield Dive, Edinburgh EH12 6EB

    All welcome.  

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    6:30pm 6:30pm

    Save the Royal High School - Fundraising Concert & Reception at Stockbridge Church

    Fundraising event

    The Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland - speaking for Scotland's buildings - aims to save the Royal High School with this fundraising event where the two world-class pianists Malcolm Martineau, Steven Osborne with the eminent soprano Lorna Anderson will perform works by Schubert and Beethoven.

    • Tickets £45, limited number of student tickets available for £10 (student ID required)
    • Includes wine and canapés after the concert
    • Stockbridge Parish Church 8 June, 6.30 pm and help save the Royal High School
    • For more information contact Sarah Pearce, 0131 557 0019, sarah@ahss.org.uk
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    to May 28

    Meet Scottish jewellery designer, Sheila Fleet at her Stockbridge gallery

    Join leading Scottish jewellery designer, Sheila Fleet, at her Edinburgh Gallery in Stockbridge as she introduces her very latest designs and new enamel colours.  Sheila will be showcasing:

    • Brilliantly deep colours, bright and beautiful for Summer
    • High value designer rings with handset precious gemstones

    Why not have your finger sized and a ring made to measure, specially for you. All Sheila's jewellery and rings are made to order in her Workshop by the sea in the Orkney Islands. 

    Sheila is offering 10% off on all her silver & enamel, yellow, white and rose gold, palladium, platinum and diamond jewellery and rings during the event. This offer excludes the charitable Daisies but includes all her new designs and new enamel colours.

    • Fri 10am - 5.30pm
    • Sat 10am - 5.30pm
    • Sun 11am - 5pm (exclusive opening)

    All welcome!

    Click here for more information.

    Shiela Fleet.jpg
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    to Jun 1

    Chetty & Das Optometrists - 20% off Sunglasses, Exclusive 2017 Collection Preview

    Launch event:  3-7pm, 25 May

    • Complimentary glass of fizz on arrival
    • Featuring Ray-Ban
    • Exclusive viewing of the 2017 collection 
    • Free Ray-Ban speaker with any Ray-Ban sunglasses purchased

    Finale event:  3-7pm, 1 June

    • Joined by Maui Jim, Serengeti & Bolle & introducing Zeal 

    Click here for more info. 

    Email to book your personal consultation during the event. 

    Chetty & Das Optometrist Sunglasses Event 2017



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    Stress Management Workshop with Gillian Dalgliesh, PLUS free use of The Village Spa

    How well are you managing the 'Stress in you Life'?

    Are the stresses in your day-to-day life negatively affecting your:

    • Moods?
    • Sleeping?
    • Eating? 

    This is a one day workshop on how to learn:

    Effective Stress Management

    21 May, 10am - 4pm @ The Village Hotel, Edinburgh 

    Learn how to:

    • Identify your stress levels before they start to negatively impact your behaviours
    • Identify your stress responses
    • Learn perspective, balance, emotional strength strategies & control techniques

    From 4pm, complimentary use of hotel's spa facilities, including: 

    • Pool 
    • Jacuzzi
    • Sauna
    • Steam Room
    • Gym 

    Places limited to 10, and already filling, so early booking is advised.

    £45 or 2 places for £80, click here to purchase and quote Stockbridge Local with your order number on your email to redeem with Gillian. 

    Email or call 07593 082 349 for more information. 

    Gillian Dalgliesh Stress Management Workshop




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    Spoonful of Vintage Fair

    A Spoonful of Vintage celebrates its 5th birthday with a fantastic line-up of hand-picked, authentic vintage traders. We have fabulous vintage fashion from the 1920s-1970s, jewellery, handbags and accessories, ceramics, glassware, homewares, collectables and furniture. They have a return visit from Vee-Tone Records, Scotland-based independent music label who specialise in releasing the best in roots music from the 40s to the 60s on vinyl including blues, rock 'n' roll, soul, rockabilly and early country. Enjoy their pop-up café courtesy of The Travelling Teapot with a selection of tasty treats and for your listening pleasure, a DJ set from legend of the rockin’ scene, Tojo. 

    Stockbridge Church

    This is one vintage fair not to be missed.

    £1 entry on the door (children free) and includes vintage raffle. 




    For further information email or call 07711 839 958



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    6:30pm 6:30pm

    Goya23 - up to 20% off Wine Tasting & Tapas, (£32 instead of £40 for 2)

    Goya23 is a Wine & Sherry bar and shop. They have brought the best of Spain to Scotland: Iberico Cured Meats, Fine Wines, Cava, Sherry from the barrel, Craft Beers and many other Delicacies. Everything they serve in the bar is also available to take home from their gourmet shop. Come and enjoy their little corner of Spain in the heart of Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Click here for more info & to purchase tickets. 

    Up to 20% off Wine Tasting & Tapas

    Evening of Cava, Sherry, White Wine & Red Wine and Tapas to perfectly accompany each glass (4 glasses per person)

    Limited numbers

    • 1 person £20
    • 2 people £32 (instead of £40)
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    Laurel Gallery - 20% off Upholstery Workshop (£156 instead of £190)

    Local art gallery displaying contemporary artwork from artists mainly based in Scotland. The gallery boasts an eclectic, exciting range of paintings from British artists plus limited edition giclee prints, ceramics, sculptures, glass art and jewellery.  The gallery runs furniture paint effect and technique workshops and is an official stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™. Click here to obtain your tickets.  

    20% off Take a Seat Upholstery Workshop (£156 instead of £195) - Limited Spaces 

    Eleanor Spens will take you through the process of painting your chair and choosing fabric. Katy of Deco Ghetto Upholstery will guide you through how to professionally re-build a modern drop in dining seat pad, getting to know how to use appropriate tools and equipment to bring chair back to life (chair will be provided to you for keeping). This is the perfect project for a beginner with quick results from using modern materials. You will gain a basic understanding of the some of the processes involved in upholstery, leaving with a beautifully reupholstered and chalk painted chair. 

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    9:00pm 9:00pm

    Dry Edinburgh - Mocktails & or Table Tennis Tournament, 9 Feb - up to 40% off (from £10)

    DRY is Edinburgh's first alcohol free pop-up bar in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, open until 28 Feb. They have a relaxed vibe where you can meet friends and share delicious food, drink and good conversation. Dog Friendly. Click here for more info about the Mocktails & or Table Tennis Tournament on 9 Feb and to to obtain tickets. 

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